4stk 700i 700 tonerpatron Chip For Xerox Digital Farve-Tryk på C75 J75 Målte Chips 006R01375 006R01376 006R01377 006R01378

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4pcs OEM 700i 700 Toner Cartridge Chip For Xerox Digital Color Press C75 J75 Metered Chip 006R01375 006R01376 006R01377 006R01378

Packing Content: : 1pcs * Black Toner Cartridge Chip ( 006R01375 ) 1pcs * Cyan Toner Cartridge Chip ( 006R01376 ) 1pcs * Magenta Toner Cartridge Chip ( 006R01377 ) 1pcs * Yellow Toner Cartridge Chip ( 006R01378 )

Pls Note: 1 Lot=4 Pcs, BK/C/M/Y each color 1pcs.If you need different color quantity, please leave a message for us, thank you!

Toner Chip For Use in: For Xerox 700i/700 Digital Color Press C75/J75

Product Detail — Chip ( Multiple versions, please confirm the chip code you choose. ) ViPrint Model Chip Code For Use in Version

Yields Color VP-XEC700TK-CN CT201243

For Xerox 700i/ 700

Digital Color Press C75/ J75 CHN 20K K VP-XEC700TC-CN CT201244 CHN 22K C VP-XEC700TM-CN CT201245 CHN 22K M VP-XEC700TY-CN CT201246 CHN 22K Y VP-XEC700TK-ME 006R01375 METERED 20K K VP-XEC700TC-ME 006R01376 METERED 22K C VP-XEC700TM-ME 006R01377 METERED 22K M VP-XEC700TY-ME 006R01378 METERED 22K Y VP-XEC700TK-NW 006R01383 NA,W.EU 20K K VP-XEC700TC-NW 006R01384 NA,W.EU 22K C VP-XEC700TM-NW 006R01385 NA,W.EU 22K M VP-XEC700TY-NW 006R01386 NA,W.EU 22K Y VP-XEC700TK-SE 006R01379 SA,E.EU 20K K VP-XEC700TC-SE 006R01380 SA,E.EU 22K C VP-XEC700TM-SE 006R01381 SA,E.EU 22K M VP-XEC700TY-SE 006R01382 SA,E.EU 22K Y VP-XEC700DU-NW 013R00655 NA,W.EU 20K K VP-XEC700DU-NW 013R00656 NA,W.EU 22K CMY VP-XEC700DU-AS CT350777/778 ASIA 80K KCYM Because Fuji Xerox cartridges chips basis having random code matching, please notify the merchant before you buy your machine cartridges random code and printer model, if in doubt please contact us promptly, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, thank you!

The best installation methods of chips and related warning: 1.Take out the related cartridge which need to replace chip 2.Cleaning the cartridge and refill toner powder.Warning: the machine will be destroyed when the toner powder is lower or without powder. 3.Put the new chip inside, please pay attention to the direction when take out the old chip. 4.Please don’t install the cartridge immediately, close the cover, turn on the machine. 5.After the red light flash,the machine will show that no cartridge installed,then put the cartridge into the machine.Warning: Please don't turn off the electrical power on the process of installation.

  • farve: Sort/ Cyan/ Magenta/ Gul
  • Kompatible Mærker: XEROX
  • Relevant Udstyr: Kopimaskine
  • Chip Version: Tilslutningsafgift
  • Pakke: Antistatisk ESD emballage pose
  • Mærke: vitotc
  • Struktur: Tonerkassette
  • Blækpatron Kode: 006R01375 006R01376 006R01377 006R01378
  • Chip-Type: Kopimaskine Toner Chip
  • Kompatibel Copier Model: Xerox 700 700i C75 J75 Digital Farve Tryk
  • Model-Nummer: Farve C75 J75 700 700i
  • Side Udbytter: BK
  • Type: Blækpatron Chip
  • ANTAL: 4stk (hver farve 1 stk.)
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)